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Cotswold stone from Stanleys Quarry
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Cotswold stone for building
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Cotswold stone for architectural from Stanleys Quarry.


We can produce a full range of beautiful worked stone detailing, from architectural drawings to, in some cases, mere hand sketches.

The list below is just some of the vast number of different products or techniques that Stanleys have been involved in over the last 25 years.

Spandrel - the part of a porch facade that reflects the balustrade.

Transom - a small window just above a door.

Architrave - originally a simple, flat, structural lintel spanning an opening in a wall, it is the lowest part of the classical entablature. Subsequently a term used to describe any moulded door or window frame.

Nosing - the rounded fore-edge of a stair tread.

Lintel - a horizontal supporting crosspiece over an opening

Entablature - the area above an entryway in which the transom is contained.

Yoke - the top horizontal board of a window frame.

Sill - a horizontal piece forming the bottom frame of a window or door opening.

Quoin - a stone or block reinforcing or accenting the corners of a building..

Uncarved - not all our products need detailing and our saws can produce sawn six sided stones for you or your masons to work.

Ashlar - the practice of laying stone in smooth cut - or dressed - blocks in regular courses, seperated by only the thinnest of joints. Originated by the ancient Egyptians and adopted as an important element of classical architecture.

Raking Cornice - the sloping moldings of a pediment.

Rough Sill - the bottom rail of a window rough opening.

Yard – a unit of measure equivalent to three feet, At Stanleys we don’t mind what dimensions you give us, With a modern computer system you will always be able to get exactly what you ask for.


Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
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