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Cotswold stone from Stanleys Quarry
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Cotswold stone for building
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Why choose Natural stone?

At Stanleys Quarry we are enthusiastic about promoting and supplying natural stone, and we respect the invaluable historical contribution that it has made to architecture. We take a traditional, naturally occurring material, and help to introduce and develop its use in today’s modern built environment.

Forever Changing
Natural stone will grow and change with you - it is timeless. Look around the major cities and countryside - which buildings stand out? No contest is there.

Weathering gives a unique character - it often looks completely different when wet or dry, it will weather and change as we all will over time. This gives it an endearing character compared to many other alternative building materials..

The ideal principle of sustainability is to create beautiful, striking and practical buildings we will want to live and work in. These designs and the appearance of today’s built-up environment therefore have an important role to play. Sustainability is central to our business - we always consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of using the stone we source and supply, and we have made the decision to solely concentrate on British natural stone.

The Most Sustainable Building Material Available
Natural stone is the only material which history has proved can create attractive long lasting places which, in every sense, stand the test of time. Well-designed and well-constructed natural stone buildings are timeless, ageless, beautiful and highly cost effective on a natural life cycle basis, both financially and, more importantly in today's world, environmentally.

Lasting Impression
We all look in wonder when seeing the pyramids, the Acropolis in Athens and our own Stonehenge. These creations use natural stone and have stood the test of time. Why not create your own small bit of history using natural stone?

Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
Cotswold stone for building
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